When Students Have a Say in Educational Innovation: A Conversation with Ela Joshi

Authors : Jennifer Medeiros

The LEARN Network’s Ela Joshi sat down with host of The SRI Homeroom podcast Kori Hamilton Biagas to break down the nuanced world of developing and scaling evidence-based products and practices, emphasizing the vital role of student input.

Scaling Educational Products in Rural Communities: A Conversation with Allen Pratt

Authors : Jennifer Medeiros

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately one in five public school students are enrolled in a school with a rural designation. Rural schools face unique challenges such as a lack of adequate resources, high transportation costs, difficulty recruiting and retaining teachers, and a shortage of professional development opportunities and early childhood services.

Who’s Who in District Procurement of Educational Products

Authors : Jennifer Medeiros

School districts are typically the entryway for educational products to make it into the hands of students and teachers. However, the unique ecosystem of each district can make it challenging for product developers and vendors to know who to approach in a district to share information about a new educational product.