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LEARN to Scale Toolkit: Invent


What is product-user fit? Achieving product-user fit is an important goal of the scaling process. Product-user fit means that an educational product meets the needs of the end users (for example, teachers or students) in terms of achieving their goals and expected outcomes and being accessible and feasible for them to use.

Invent IconThe first stage of the Invent-Apply-Transition framework involves moving through scaling activities that explore and define a problem of practice or need and imagine a solution. The ultimate goal of the Invent stage is to design a solution that addresses authentic end-user needs, is informed by research, and is on the path to reaching product-user fit.

In the Invent stage, you formulate a deep understanding of the perceived problem of practice or need by exploring and empathizing with the experiences, emotions, and motivations of the community for whom and with whom you are designing the product. This results in a needs hypothesis, which you validate throughout the design process. You then define the indicators that you expect to see if you successfully address the need. You can then use creative courage to imagine a solution and create a prototype to test your ideas. Prior research and theory is a source of inspiration and guidance throughout this process.

The key activities in the invent stage are iterative and may be nonlinear. You may need to go back to the drawing board many times to make sure your prototype meets the needs of your end users and their community in new and engaging ways.

A cycle diagram depicting the key activities in the Invent stage, including identifying a need, defining indicators of success, imagining a solution, and testing a prototype.