Scaling for System-Level Change: A Conversation with Suzanne Donovan and Vanessa Coleman Video

In this video from the Learn Network’s Stories of Scaling series, Suzanne Donovan, executive director of the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) Institute, and Vanessa Coleman, co-director of SRI’s Center for Education Research & Innovation, sit down for a conversation with LEARN Network’s Kori Hamilton Biagas.

Scaling A2i: A Conversation with Jay Connor and Sarah Siegal Video

In this video from the Learn Network’s Stories of Scaling series, Jay Connor, CEO of Learning Ovations, and Sarah Siegal, director of research and practice at Scholastic and former vice president of research at Learning Ovations, sit down for a conversation with Rebecca Griffiths, principal researcher at SRI Education and principal investigator for the LEARN Network.

Overview of the Invent Apply Transition (I-A-T) Framework

Wondering where to start with the I-A-T framework? Use this introductory breakdown to learn more about the framework and the activities associated with scaling an educational product. This document outlines the iterative steps and scaling activities that are involved to successfully bring educational innovations to market.

From Research to Market: Development of a Transition Process to Integrate Sustainable Scaling Methodologies into Education Innovation Research Design and Development

To support more successful transitions of educational research to the field, SRI researchers modified its Invent-Apply-Transition (I-A-T) framework, that has been successfully used to scale research to practice in healthcare, enterprise software, and robotics, to educational contexts based on the experiences of an Advisory Council and Expert Panel Members, all with direct experience successfully scaling educational innovations.