Overview of the Invent Apply Transition (I-A-T) Framework

Introduction to the Invent Apply Transition (I-A-T) Framework cover

Wondering where to start with the I-A-T framework? Use this introductory breakdown to learn more about the framework and the activities associated with scaling an educational product.

This document introduces the Invent-Apply-Transition (I-A-T) framework and outlines the
iterative steps and scaling activities that are involved to successfully bring educational
innovations to market.

The purpose of the Invent-Apply-Transition (I-A-T) framework is to provide researchers with a systematic approach to sustainably scale educational innovations. SRI hypothesizes that certain activities and key decisions at different stages of innovation could increase the probability of sustainable scaling. SRI started with traditional startup methodologies from its own Entrepreneur-in-Residence program and then added key tasks and considerations that are unique to education.

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