LEARN to Scale Toolkit: Apply

Assess Product-Market Fit

After iterating through the Apply stage, use these questions to assess whether your product is meeting the needs of the target market and has therefore achieved product-market fit:

  • Does the product address the requirements of all users and customers? If it does not, a plan needs to be formulated to address requirements.
  • Are champions advocating for the product and creating natural momentum?
  • Have the efforts of champions led to potential customers enthusiastically requesting access to the product?
  • Is the product a scalable solution? For example, is it feasible for a large number of districts to adopt and implement?
  • Do significant ecosystem forces exist that can help drive adoption?
  • Are there compelling reasons a user or customer would choose this product over competing solutions?

If you are able to answer yes to the first four questions above, there are early indications that your product has achieved product-market fit. At this point, you can start considering transition pathways.